How to Select the Right Camera Package

After going through the questions below and arriving at a package choice, we strongly recommend that you then read and re-read what each package will do in the detailed description section to make sure you have the right package for your needs.

1. Do you want HD or SD cameras? (If HD skip to question =5, if SD continue to question 2)

2. If you want one PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera only, choose the Simply Record package.

3. If you need two cameras choose the Get the Angle Duo package.

      Three cameras? you’ll choose the Get the Angle Trio package.

4. If it’s mandatory to control your camera system with a joystick controller, then the
Follow the Leader
, Get the Angle Duo, or
Get the Angle Trio
package is for you.

5. If you want one HD camera then the HD Simply Record
or HD Follow the Leader package is for you. The only difference is how you control the camera.

If you want an HD system that will allow you to mix in a computer for adding titles, graphics, etc then there are two choices:

6. The HD Mix Master with 1 HD camera or the
HD Multimix Duo with 2 HD cameras.

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