These LCD panels for are intended for HOW (House of Worship) applications such as viewing of hymns, inspirational images, other messages,
or to act as monitors for cameras viewing the Church services. They can be used in the main sanctuary, overflow rooms, or as message boards and
confidence monitors. They are built to operate problem free for many years and have a 3 year warranty. Included are all the input ports to work with
various church systems. Other features are wide viewing angles, high contrast, and a nongloss surface to avoid reflected images distraction.
They can be remotely controlled for easy ON/OFF operation. They are designed for operation 16 hours per day, 7 days a week. Using an LED light
source for the LCD, they provide brilliant images that can be easily seen by all even in high ambient conditions

These panels are exceptionally clear HD image at 1920×1080 resolution panel with low power consumption. Easy to install and operate in your system. Has capability for operation with messages, lyrics, and other content. Many other features included

LCD 32″ BDL3230QL
LCD 43″ BDL4330QL
LCD 48″ BDL4830QL
LCD 55″ BDL5530QL
LCD 65″ BDL6520QL

This panel is a large Ultra High definition (UHD 4K) panel with 3840×2160 resolution. It has a bright 350 cd/sq-m image and a large set of features.


Note: These LCD panels are commercial models and do not have a TV tuner. Please note that LCD panels which are sold as “consumer” products have a warranty that
will not be valid if used outside the home. For your protection, please be aware that a valid warranty is necessary to protect the purchase

Other Requirements and Accessories:
Power: Panels operation with standard 115VAC, 60Hz power as found in the USA and Canada
Mounts: Panels require a mount or stand. They have the industry standard VESA grid rear mounting plate. Wall mounts are included as part of
CMM packages. Moveable floor stands or carts are also available.
Cables: Panels have many types of signal input ports. They typically are operated with an HDMI cable but also have VGA, USB, RS-232, and Network IP ports