Camera Recording/IMAG

Video Cameras
We feature top quality Sony and Canon cameras (in both Standard and Hi-Def formats) with up to 18x optical zoom meaning that even the smallest details can be clearly picked out across the largest sanctuaries! The small form factor and silent movement of the Sony cameras allow them to be placed unobtrusively in almost any position with in your room.

For those churches desiring 3 chip camcorder style cameras, we provide the excellent Canon camera line up. We can remotely mount and control the Canon camcorders via the joystick control units as well! With our cat5 control system you won't have to run AC power to those camera locations either! Our system gives us a quality s-video signal from SD cameras and component HD from the Hi-Def cameras to route to the recorder and/or your projection system.

Video Mixers
Edirol video mixers provide 4 video inputs and give you professional fades, wipes, cuts and other effects to make your multicamera video production look like a studio piece! With easy t-bar switching (or push button) you control the speed and timing of your editing options. Both the V4 and LVS400 provide the ability to key text over live video for IMAG applications.

The ProductionView units from Vaddio are 6 channel video mixers and also combine joystick camera control. The Fx unit adds fades and wipes between cameras while the ProductionView features straight cuts. These are great units for combing control and mixing all in one station. For more information on the control features, see the control section.

Video Monitors
When you have a remote camera system you need to have a way to see what each camera's image looks like before choosing to send it to the projection screen or to the recorder This is where professional preview monitors come in. The rack mount units from Marshall and Vaddio provide excellent image quality in a small form factor that will not take away premium desktop space. When it comes to viewing the final mix for DVD record or IMAG, The 13" JVC professional video monitor is the perfect solution.

Recording Decks
When you have a desire to see your message go beyond the walls of your church, then recording to DVD or to computer for post-production becomes essential. These JVC decks make the process of DVD recording very simple and yet provide a beautiful video reproduction of your service. To bring your recording into a computer for further editing and effects, the Vaddio DV capture unit works like a champ. Team it up with on of our Apple Mac systems and you have a professional video capture/edit/create/production studio.

These camera control units provide a touch sensitive joystick for dynamic camera positioning including control of lens zoom, focus, pan and tilt. The ProductionView units provide 12 preset positions per camera, and control up to 6 cameras of different type and brand. The Sony RM-BR300 controls the Sony PTZ cams (up to 6 model 70's and 7 BRC series cams) and provides 6 presets for D70's and 16 presents for BRC cameras. The ProductionView (and FX) units are also 6 channel video mixers. The ProductionView SuperJoystick is not a mixer but does offer remote control of external video mixers.

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