December 22, 2014
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Video Equipment

Chuch Multimedia offers a wide selection of church video equipment that can be preconfigured for self-installation at your church. All systems shown below are standard examples of commonly used Projector System Packages. All projector systems are customized and configured to the exact needs of the church.

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Pricing subject to change pending sanctuary requirements. System

Get Me Up and Running Package

(classoom/small church 50 or less seating)

Estimated price: $1,369.00 System

More Power Package Package

(Churches with 100-200 seating)

Estimated price: $1,843.00 System

Greater Power Package

(Churches with 200-300 seating)

Estimated price: $3,075.00 System

Even More Power Package

(Churches with 300-400 seating)

Estimated price: $4,415.00 System

I Want Widescreen Package

Estimated price: $4,163.00 System

Bigger and Brighter Package

Estimated price: $5,441.00

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